Who's Steph? What's Fearless Fresh?

I turn cooking flopsters into total culinary badasses.

Let's start here (check all that apply). You're here because you...

  • Watch the Food Network and think, "Oh god, I could never make that?"
  • Get stuck multiple times in a recipe, because you don't know what the hell it means or how to do whatever it's asking?
  • Avoid cooking for your foodie friends because you're intimidated by their mad skills? ???
  • Get frustrated by an endless number of cooking failures? (UGH! Why do all of these recipes suck??)
  • Get yourself totally pumped up to make something and then feel so freaking upset because it turns out a huge mess?

Guess what? You don't have to suck at cooking.

Join the Fearless Cooking Club

I’m Stephanie Stiavetti (Steph! if you’re into the whole brevity thing) and I'm the creator of Fearless Fresh. I have a superpower, and it's taking you from being a complete failure in the kitchen to becoming the culinary envy of all your friends.

After spending the past decade putting myself through culinary school and working in the food industry, I started Fearless Fresh to help you become the badass home chef you're meant to be.

In other words, I'm here to expose the cheffy secrets that mean the difference between cooking failure and culinary f**k yeah!

(BTW, did I mention that I curse? Now you know.)

I get fired up about cooking and eating, and I know SO many people who are strangers in their own kitchen, moving from recipe to recipe feeling like they'll never get the hang of how to make food that is both delicious and gorgeous to look at.

So I'm here to teach you not only the bones of cooking -- how to make things that taste amazing -- but also how to style your food so it looks like you just stepped into the French Laundry. How can I do this? Because I've attended both savory culinary school and pastry school, so I've got the chops to get you from "God, I suck at this," to "OMG! I totally nailed that crazy-ass recipe!"

I write a ton of free content on Fearless Fresh and created the Fearless Cooking Club to turn you into a culinary badass. For those looking for more personalized help, I also work one-on-one with would-be home cooks who want to take their culinary skills to the next level. Next stop, ninja status.

You can also join my Fearless Fresh Ninjas group on Facebook, where I can answer cooking questions on the fly for free.

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