An online cooking school for everyday people who want to eat better, get healthier, and have a hell of a lot of fun doing it.

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Alena F.

"I love the Fearless Cooking Club for its easy to digest format! The lessons are broken up into bite-sized pieces that are surprisingly effective. When combined with all the cheat charts, the FCC provides me with an easy reference that has made me a much better cook. As a detail-oriented person who likes to get to the point, I appreciate how precise and thoughtful everything is."

Alena F., San Jose, CA

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Wouldn't it be amazing if you could...

  • Stop living on frozen pizza and chicken nuggets, and finally recycle all of those takeout menus?
  • Quit ignoring the extra carbs, salt, and fat in that box of Rice-A-Roni?
  • Feel VIBRANT after every meal, instead of tired, bloated, guilty, and kinda toxic?
  • Cancel your expensive meal kit subscription box (and ditch all that wasteful packaging)?
  • Enjoy your family practically licking their plates when they’re done with dinner?
  • Stop wasting food and start saving money?
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Those Trader Joe’s frozen enchiladas keep calling to you, but you know they’re not good for you... and they won’t help get rid of that "winter weight” that seems to have extended its stay through summer vacation.

Fran J.

"At last, a common sense approach to teaching people to cook! The lessons are presented in a knowledgable step-by-step way. I feel like I have learned something important after I complete each section. After just a few weeks I have a sense of accomplishment and feel ready to try new ideas and recipes!"

Fran J., Ft. Mill, SC
Stephanie Stiavetti

I know how it feels...

Hi, I'm Stephanie Stiavetti. I used to live on frozen pizza, boxed burger pasta, and taco truck burritos (because taco trucks = YUM). Then my health fell apart. My doctors said I was incurable unless I had my colon removed, but that was only one of several parts of my body that were failing. After four years lost to being completely disabled, with no hope in sight, I finally turned to food.

As it turns out, you really are what you eat. I ate crap food for my entire life... and suffered for it.

I changed my diet and saw miraculous results within a few months. In a year I was completely recovered. I was so fascinated by the changes I saw in my body that I dedicated my life to food.

Once I was well enough to work again, I started working in restaurants. I developed recipes for magazines, newspapers, and major brands. I wrote a cookbook. I traveled the world learning how to cook in different countries. I attended culinary school — TWICE — once for savory, and once for pastry.

Now I want to teach you everything I've learned over the past 20 years. Click here to learn more about me.

Announcing: the Fearless Cooking Club

The Fearless Cooking Club (FCC for short) is my online cooking school for everyday people who want to eat better, get healthier, take charge of what they put in their bodies, and have a hell of a lot of fun doing it.

The mission of the FCC is to turn you into a total kitchen ninja. With easy-to-follow video trainings and colorful cooking charts that save you from having to remember tons of details, I'll show you everything I learned about how to make delicious, gorgeous, HEALTHY, food without the 20 years and thousands of dollars I spent to get there. 

In the Fearless Cooking Club you'll find:

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Everything in the Fearless Cooking Club is delivered online and is compatible with any device. All cheat sheets come in PDF format that you can print or save to your device forever. There's even a native mobile app to make using the FCC easy in the kitchen, at the grocery store, or anywhere else you happen to be.

Got questions? Check out the FAQ page. If your question isn't answered there, drop us an email and we'll get you the information you need.

What else you'll find in the Fearless Cooking Club:

  • Steadfast kitchen confidence, like you went to culinary school

  • A way out of eating processed food, frozen dinners, and takeout

  • Delicious dishes made with real food — eat like royalty

  • The ability to cook without a recipe, based on what's in the fridge

  • Feel good in your body, and about your eating choices

  • Meet other people who are on their cooking journey

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"The FCC cooking lessons are super friendly. They showed me how to easily chop herbs that I didn't know before and have really helped to bring more flavor into my cooking. I really like the quick clips that I can jump between when I'm looking for specific information."

Spruce P.,
Spruce P., Orlando, FL

"OMG! I am in love with the cheat sheets. They are a combo of answers to questions I always have and questions I should have but never even knew to ask. My absolute favorite are the dressing sheet and the compound butter sheet!!! They are like 100 dishes on one page."

Mia M.,
Mia M., Boston, MA

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7-day risk-free guarantee: If you're not 100% satisfied with the Fearless Cooking Club, just let us know within seven days and we'll refund your membership fee. No drama, no hassle.
Video trainings
Cooking cheat sheets
24-7 support community
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  • Video trainings
  • Cooking cheat sheets
  • 24-7 support community
  • Two months free!
Catherine E.

"I'm an experienced home cook but I still learn a lot here. I especially liked the modules on how to increase flavor and the one on how to improve your sense of taste. I know when things taste good, but not how to find and fix specific flavors. Stephanie gives exercises and examples to help one improve all parts of your cooking. The cheats sheets are a super useful resource as well."

Catherine E., Sacramento, CA

Great for Beginner Cooks:

  • Easy videos break down information
  • Step-by-step instructions and worksheets
  • Build a solid foundation of basic skills

Great for Experienced Cooks:

  • Game-changing details that most cooks don't know
  • Cooking charts are like 100 recipes on one page
  • Learn the cheffy secrets of the world's best chefs
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7-day Risk-Free Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the Fearless Cooking Club, just let us know within seven days and we’ll refund your membership fee. No drama, no hassle. Just contact us via our support page and we’ll get you taken care of.

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Not sure if you’re ready to sign up yet? Be sure to check out the Frequently Asked Questions if you’re on the fence about joining, or send us a quick email if you don’t find your answer there.

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